Jim Plante Continues to Work to Change the Way Preventative Healthcare Is Approached

May 15, 2020 @ 1:41 pm

It is clear there is still much work to do in improving preventative healthcare. Jim Plante is a man on a mission and his mission remains a clear focus, even after decades of work. Jim is the founder and chairman emeritus of Pathway Genomics, a company that is focused on revolutionizing the way preventative healthcare is approached in the United States.

Jim’s Father Encouraged His Approach

Mr. Plante was always interested in the medical field because of his father’s business in medical supplies. Unfortunately, Jim’s father passed away due to polycystic kidney disease. Because the disease is genetic, Jim ended up going through testing and found that he too had the disease. Jim’s father died before he could get a kidney transplant. Regrettably, not enough testing was carried out years ago or he may have been alive today.

Jim Continues to Strive to Make Changes

Preventative healthcare is essential for keeping people healthy. When a disease is found early, it is typically going to be more easily treated. Taking the initiative to find innovative means of medical treatment is what Jim continues to do. His company has made radical advancements in medical science research and they are learning more and more about how genetics plays such a critical role in a person’s health.

From his humble beginnings working with his father to his intense drive to make changes that can save more lives, Jim continues to show he is for helping people stay healthy as much as possible. Much research is needed in the field of kidney treatments. This is a subject that is very close to Jim’s heart after he saw polycystic kidney disease so rapidly take the life of his father.

Although Jim could certainly retire and spend the rest of his life relaxing, he refuses to let go of his self-placed responsibilities to help others. Pathway Genomics continues to rise above the status quo and has celebrated ten years of making major changes in the way disease prevention is approached. Those who would like to learn more about the efforts of Pathway Genomics should visit the website today.